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Monday, July 26, 2010

looking for a nice person

You know how, when you work for others, you have to put up with all sorts of people, and you wish you can pick and choose who you work with..

So, when I was doing my own production.. and after having some not-so-nice exchanges, I was feeling down and dejected and moody. I would be more angry at myself if I let myself continue to be subjected to working with someone whom I was not comfortable with at that time, when I had the CHOICE not to. I had to stand up for what I think is best for me.

So right after that episode.. I wrote to a friend of mine, "Do you have anyone nice, who can edit for me?"

Her reply was.. "I know of this nice, warm, friendly, loving & approachable person by the name of Hazman... hmmm..."

Wokay... over.

But anyhow.. he turned out to be like that.
So now I have this nice, warm, friendly, loving & approachable person working with me. :)

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