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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Sometimes I feel so TRAPPED! working fixed working hours.. EIGHT hours away. Who is the selfish, inconsiderate person who came up with this idea that you have to spend that big amount of time working, away from family?! Life is not about working, life is not so fixed. Family's needs are not so fixed. Sometimes we need more time with family sometimes we need certain times with our family, that may fall within the working hours - which cannot be defined or satisfied by the 14-20 days annual leaves.

Why do I feel like I'm always the only ONE in the office with all these issues and requirements to attend to family needs, to have to come in later, or leave earlier, to have to take urgent leaves. There was even a time, when during office hours, I got a call about my child misbehaving, I feel so helpless that I'm in the office, unable to discipline her right away.. so helpless, that I just started crying hard. With no care what my boss might think, I told him I need to go back home for 2 hours and I left. That was how desperate I felt.

This morning, my daughter was not well, I came in late again. I feel bad about being late and angry at the fixed working hours.
Don't the others feel desperate to have to do stuff, or have some personal/family time?

At times like this, I really feel like quitting or at least request to work part time.

Ya Allah, please give me a good way out. Ameen.

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