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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Why do they want to use the word 'Allah'?

I was of the opinion that such things shouldn't be fussed about. But to say just that, would not justify the concern that some of the Malaysian Muslims have about it's usage by the Christian community.

I don't find it wrong, for the Christians and the Jews to use the word 'Allah' or anyone for that matter, BUT as long as, when they use it, they know it means that it's referring the THE GOD, the ONE, the UNIQUE, One who begets not, nor is He begotten - and He who is unlike ANY of his creations. That is the true ONE GOD.

Then a friend of mine, shared a concern - giving images of the word 'Allah' being used in Indonesia rampantly by the Christians.. and I find it quite shocking and with no clear purpose, other than to confuse. saying 'Allah itu Cinta' (God is Love - as seen in some churches in Singapore also ) - since they are using the word 'Cinta' - which is Malay.. why don't they use 'Tuhan itu Cinta' instead?

'Allah' is an Arabic word for The God. There is an English word for God, there is 'Yahweh' that the Jews use for God, or Tuhan in Malay. So, I wonder.. WHY in the first place, do the Christians in Malaysia, who basically speaks either Malay or English or Chinese and Tamil - wants to use an Arabic word in the middle of nowhere to represent the word God? What is the real motive? If they wanted to use an original language, shouldn't they have selected a Hebrew word instead - which was the language of the Old Testament. I really wonder.

Perhaps the word Allah should be represented in all dictionaries, as not just 'God, used in Islam' but instead to officially be represented as it is basically described in our surah Al-Ikhlas. So that, there is no confusion about it being Jesus - or should I say 'Isa A.S' if they would like to use Arabic.

Hmm...what if there is a law that whenever the word 'Allah' is used in non Muslim publications and events - it should be accompanied the the official meaning of the word?

In any case, the real concern - or the root concern here is that - this is going to be used to confuse the younger or the less knowledgeable Muslims into Christianity.
We can only do our best to educate or to prevent, but Allah guides whom He wills.

May Allah guide us all. Ameen.


Mak Su said...

kalau dibangkang, nanti dikata kedekut pula ataupun dikata ekstrimis or paling teruk, 'ganaz'.

padahal, 'pegangan' / akidah itu datang dengan kepercayaan tanggungjawab yang besar, bukan sekadar suka-suka waima untuk kemudahan translation. saya setuju dengan pandangan madame, jika mahu kira bab terjemahan, gunakan saja yehweh/yehwah (?), kerana itulah panggilan asal mengikut old testament.

jangan kerana bahasa, kucar-kacir jadinya :(

madame blossom said...

Mak su,

boleh lah bangkang.. orang ramai boleh cuba bangkang, dengan cara kasi feedback to government, kat suratkhabar, kat blog.. apa yang patut lah - asal cara baik. :)

teringat kata seorang teman,.. "kalau nak bakar2.. lebih baik buat BBQ, orang boleh enjoy." :p