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Friday, October 09, 2009

Cute mosque. Masjid Kampung Delta

First time ever, here. :) And that's ALL of it.. the male prayer area. :p. the female one is upstairs, half of that.

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Anonymous said...

Kat mana ni?

madame blossom said...

It's at Delta Road(?) in Singapore (in case u think it's in msia :p ) somwhere between tiong bahru n river valley.

Mak Su said...

madame, i've been thinking to make blook, what do you think?

and perhaps i shd put translation in english too... :)

p/s: but i'm still unsure on which entries to publish

madame blossom said...

What is a blook? U mean publish blog entries for the public? I think entries that has some personal experiences that benefits others are good, or funny experiences ke..