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Saturday, June 13, 2009

and about sleep.

Hi blog. Long time no see.

Long time no time to update much too. Most updates are just thoughts.. good enough with twitters.

But today, I came across a scienceblog, 'everything you wanted to know about sleep'.

So, apparently, there are the larks and there are the owls.. larks sleep at dusk and wake up before dawn. Owls sleep very very late at night and would wake up when the sun is really up. I would prefer to be more of a lark than an owl, although right now.. i'm tilting towards the owl.

Then, it also mentioned about what was the natural way of sleeping for humans, before electricity disrupts natural human lifestyle. Yes, I've read about this in another article.. about how, nighlights can do harm to our body because we need real darkness to sleep well and for our body to rest well, actually. In this article also it tells us to not turn on the light at night, when we sleep.

The thing I was going to get into actually is about the natural way humans sleep before. It was the bimodal sleep pattern. When human actually goes to sleep after dusk. They wake up in the middle of the night for an hour or two. goes to sleep again, then wake up just before dawn. And maybe take an afternoon nap. This is amazing. This fits, our prayers timing, very well. Including time for qiyam!

So, I hope I can get back to our natural way of sleeping. I hope. I want to try.


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