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Thursday, January 26, 2006

What a woman wants

Basically some attention and affection. You've heard it before.. and it's true and a fact! And this has been the cause of some unhappiness in marriage among women, especially independent women.

And especially when she's used to getting all the attention when she was young and single. Then, she got married. And that over the years, the husband starts to, not pay that much attention to her or give her the affection that she actually still longs for, even when she already have kids.

While lacking affection and attention at home, it creates a room for the woman to have unwanted feelings for other guys, who pays attention to her. Only thing that's missing now is the affection. But she still hopes that she gets that from her husband. Sometimes it's there, but sparingly. She wonders, what happens if one day, somebody starts to give her the affection she's been always waiting for from her husband. Would she be able to ignore it? It's easy to say - 'don't' or 'you shouldn't'. But it's difficult to control what the heart feels. Nauzubillah. But insyaAllah her prayers and doa's will keep her on track.

So husbands, give your wives some attention and affection. It doesn't take much. Make her feel that she's the most attractive girl to you. Give her a peck in the morning before you leave for work, or just smile at her during dinner. It doesn't take much to melt a woman's heart. Our prophet was a very caring and romantic husband.

Remember if you don't do it, then it also doesn't take much for another guy to melt your wife's heart with just a bit of attention and attentive words. SO START TODAY.. Go lah sms her! Tell her that u've been thinking about her =D

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